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Traditional Medicine 2024

Shakeout the game changer for rectal fecal impaction

Speaker at Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies 2024 - Kagezi Doreen Nasaali
Shakeout Detox Company LTD, Uganda
Title : Shakeout the game changer for rectal fecal impaction


Introduction: Constipation is one of the most common digestive complaints in sub-Saharan countries. It accounts for approximately 5% of general population and 25-30% of referrals to gastroenterologists. It normally starts after an episode of painful bowel movements which leads to withholding behavior with a cycle of fear and further stool retention. Consequently, a large fecal mass accumulates in the rectum which is the reason for many complaints e.g. excessive flatulence, painful bowel movement etc. Shake out Detox teas founded by DAMA Medicinal Herbs is the answer to all bowel complaints. The treatment goal for constipation is to maintain regular bowel routine and rectal fecal dis impaction. Rectal Fecal dis impaction can be accomplished with use of Shakeout detox, a plant containing group of compounds known as sennosides a natural remedy designed to address specific health concerns. It aids in bowel preparation prior to enema procedures. It enhances intestinal activity to facilitate bowel movement.
Aim: The aim was to assess the effectiveness of shakeout detox during the management of rectal fecal impaction for a period of six months in 2022
Material and Methods: Randomized controlled trials were done in 2022 evaluating the effect of shakeout for dismpaction in patients with functional constipation. The risk of bias was assessed using a Cochrane risk of bias tool.
Results: Two randomized controlled trials involving 200 patients in Mityana district met the inclusion criteria. 95% of patients who were administered with shakeout reported increase in defecation frequency, and increase in watery stool
Conclusion: Current evidence indicates 95% effectiveness of Shake out Detox Tea when used for management of constipation. The results should be used for further research into integration of health facilities in various countries to reduce the occurrence of painful bowel movements and fecal impaction.


Kagezi Doreen Nasaali amother of 2 children and a Naturopathic Doctor. I am the CEO Shakeout Company Limited. I picked interest in Herb Medicine when i started working at Dama Medicinal Herbs Clinic and this is a passion i have had for the past 7 years. It is at this that i went ahead an pursued a Certificate Course in Herbal Medicine at Anamed school of Herbal medicine and another Certificate in naturopathic medicine at Plaskett college of nutrition in South Africa. This is where i learnt that Most diseases start from the Colon and this is where i picked inspiration to kick start a company that majorly focused in cleansing and emptying the colon and detoxifying the entire body. I believe that the human body is mother natures precious gift to us. Soon we will return it back to her. In the time we have. It is our duty to keep itclean, bustling with energy and health the way she designed it to be