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6th Edition of International Conference on

Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies

June 20-22, 2024 | Paris, France

Traditional Medicine 2024

Brian Bowen

Speaker at Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies 2024 - Brian Bowen
Dao Needle Therapy, United States
Title : Dao needle therapy - Bridging ancient wisdom with modern biomechanics, and needling science


Dao Needle Therapy is a groundbreaking modality that harmoniously unites ancient Oriental healing practices with contemporary biomechanical therapies. This innovative approach goes beyond the traditional realms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), leveraging biomechanical assessments, precise patient positioning, and specialized needles to effectively address chronic pain and postural abnormalities. In addition to these core principles, Dao Needle Therapy introduces an array of valuable concepts that enrich the practitioner's diagnostic capabilities and treatment strategies. One of the key aspects of Dao Needle Therapy is the utilization of Ashi points' mechanical threshold as both a diagnostic and therapeutic tool. By understanding the mechanical threshold of these points, practitioners can precisely gauge the patient's condition and tailor treatment accordingly. This knowledge enables them to apply therapies that are both effective and minimally invasive, promoting rapid relief and recovery. Furthermore, Dao Needle Therapy emphasizes the significance of proper anatomical positioning in the context of musculoskeletal health. Improper positioning can give rise to various conditions and exacerbate existing ones. By integrating functional testing within TCM, Dao Needle Therapy ensures that the root causes of ailments are identified and addressed. This holistic approach not only treats symptoms but also restores balance to the body, leading to more sustainable outcomes. The integration of passive and active therapy is another fundamental aspect of Dao Needle Therapy. This approach recognizes that the musculoskeletal system requires both forms of intervention to achieve optimal results. By bridging the gap between passive and active therapies, practitioners can better target the underlying issues within the musculoskeletal system and promote long-term healing and rehabilitation. In addition to these principles, Dao Needle Therapy delves into the importance of selecting the right type and gauge of needle for specific ashi points and tissue types. The choice of needle can significantly impact the effectiveness of the therapy, making it essential for practitioners to possess a deep understanding of these considerations. Ultimately, mastering these principles not only equips practitioners with enhanced diagnostic and differentiation tools but also empowers them to develop more advanced and personalized treatment strategies. Dao Needle Therapy represents a transformative approach that not only bridges ancient and modern healing practices but also elevates the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine into a new era of integrative healthcare. In conclusion, Dao Needle Therapy is a comprehensive system that fuses the wisdom of the past with the precision of the present. It offers a holistic perspective on healing, acknowledging the importance of biomechanics, anatomical positioning, functional testing, and needle selection in achieving optimal results. By embracing these principles, practitioners can provide more effective and personalized care, ultimately benefiting their patients and advancing the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • Learn how Ashi points mechanical threshold can be used as a diagnostic and therapeutic meter
  • Gain insights into how improper anatomical positions can lead to a variety of conditions
  • Learn how functional testing is integrated into TCM
  • Understand the importance of bridging passive and active therapy when treating the MSK system.
  • Discover how the type and gauge of the needle can affect ashi points and tissue types
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of these principles will provide the practitioner with more diagnostic and differentiation tools while helping them develop more advanced treatment strategies
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Brian is in a relentless pursuit of personal and business development. He is a passionate entrepreneur and practitioner who loves learning and creating to help others thrive. Treating and working with people is a true passion and blessing. Brian Bowen Is a seasoned Acupuncturist with over 22 years of experience and over 100,000 treatments. He is a musculoskeletal expert and holds many certifications, including Certified Massage Therapist, Postural Alignment Specialist, Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, High-Performance Coach, and Power MBA. During years in practice, Brian has specialized in musculoskeletal issues, collaborating with many other passionate, skilled practitioners and learning other modalities to serve his patients best. Brian Is a Continuing Education provider in the US, Canada, and the UK. He is a faculty member of the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Founder of Dao Needle Therapy, a specialized needling technique and system that utilizes the knife needle to treat Acute and Chronic pain and scar tissue. Brian also founded Integrative Health Inc. in 2001, which houses over 24 diverse practitioners— founder of OUTCH Ointment, a Chinese herbal pain formula with CBD. Founder of Better Human Company focused on High-performance coaching. Host of All Things Good For You Podcast and Multi Spa owner of Hand and Stone Massage and Fascial Spa.