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Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies

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Traditional Medicine 2023

The Enatured™ method: Strengthening resilience and relationships through mindful engagement with nature and self

Speaker at Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies 2023 - Mara Bishop
Whole Spirit LLC, United States
Title : The Enatured™ method: Strengthening resilience and relationships through mindful engagement with nature and self


Many studies show nature’s positive physical and emotional effects on humans. For example, it lowers blood pressure, helps restore mental clarity, and improves mood. Indigenous cultures teach that everything in the natural world is interconnected; humans are a part of nature, as nature is a part of us. Learning to observe and reciprocate fosters health and balance for both individuals and the family system as a whole. Positive psychology teaches us the value of applying our innate strengths and qualities. Mindfulness helps us stay present and regulate our emotions. The Enatured™ method draws from mindfulness, shamanism, psychology, and scientific research about nature. Enatured™ is a learning and wellness tool that recognizes and fosters the powerfully interconnected relationship between humans, animals, plants, elements, and land. The method helps participants consciously engage the environment for relationship, support, and restoration. Participants frequently report increased states of calm and a deepened relationship to nature within and around them. Decreased anxiousness and worry and increased meaningful interaction with the local ecosystem can be factors in increased resilience and ability to cope with challenging circumstances. Once learned, the method can be done as a self-directed process or with a facilitator, in person or remotely. Since access to pristine and private nature is a privilege, Enatured™ focuses on relating to nature everywhere and anywhere. From inner city to suburbs to rural spaces, from inside our homes to inside our bodies: nature is ever present. Not everyone has the same ability to get outside or move around freely. The method is adaptable to any level of physical ability and access to the outside; it can be done almost anywhere. Enatured™ helps strengthen resilience and relationships through mindful engagement with nature and self.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • How research on the benefits of being in nature support the benefits of Enatured
  • How mindfulness increases resilience, and combines effectively with ecopsychological and ecospiritual practices
  • How setting goals and intentions affect outcomes of interactions with nature


Mara Bishop is the founder of Whole Spirit LLC and the non-profit Whole Nature Incorporated. Mara helps clients and students develop meaningful spiritual practices, commune with nature, and avoid burnout in our intensely interconnected world. She presents at universities, research organizations, and wellness centers. Mara has a master’s degree in psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College. Her Enatured™ and Personal Evolution Counseling™ methods draw from psychology, mindfulness, shamanism, and nature-based practices. Her latest published works are Shining Bright Without Burning Out from Sounds True and Shamanism for Every Day from Kensington Publishing. WholeSpirit.com for more information.