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8th Edition of International Conference on

Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies

June 05-07, 2025 | Rome, Italy

Traditional Medicine 2023

Tcm syndromes, patterns of cytokine storm and precision diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases

Speaker at Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies 2023 - Weixi Shen
Shenzhen Tianyou Medical Institute, China
Title : Tcm syndromes, patterns of cytokine storm and precision diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases


The natural science theory follows a "monism" approach, as there is only one ultimate theory of medicine without differentiation between Chinese or Western medicine. While modern medicine excels in diagnosing and treating diseases structurally, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) uses a functional perspective to understand and address human diseases. Through the integration of both TCM and modern medicine, a complete medical science is formed. However, despite TCM efficacy in treating diseases, there has been a lack of scientific principles to support its treatments. Despite 60 years of research and the accumulation of extensive experimental data, Chinese medical community has been unable to break through due to a lack of a medical theorist proficient in both Chinese and Western medicine. In 1996, the authors made an international discovery that pathogenesis of TCM syndromes are the result of an imbalanced state of cytokine network, known as cytokine storm. Various TCM syndromes represent different patterns of cytokine storm. TCM treatment principle is to regulate cytokine storm to achieve therapeutic effects. Building on this, a new theory has been established that combines TCM and Western medicine. This theory enables modern medicine to grasp a new type of basic pathological processes, leading to a better understanding and cognition of changes in the body's dysfunctional status and cytokine storm patterns during the disease process. The new medical theory is vital for infectious disease pandemic control, especially since there are currently no specific drugs available for viral infections. Medical research indicates that viral infectious diseases damage human bodies through cytokine storm. However, modern medicine struggles to distinguish the characteristics of cytokine storms in different diseases and/or patients, leading to inaccurate diagnosis and treatment. The new theory has uncovered cytokine storm patterns, empowering the medical community to develop two major diagnosis and treatment strategies for effective pandemic response. Governments worldwide can now develop scientifically optimized overall pandemic response strategies based on clinical manifestations of infectious diseases, as well as determine the characteristics of cytokine storm to achieve precise diagnosis and treatment based on clinical manifestations of patients. This means that governments have the ability to create comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plans for an epidemic solely based on the disease's clinical manifestations and clinicians can precisely diagnose and treat cytokine storm using only clinical manifestations of the patients. This medical accomplishment is applicable to any major infectious disease outbreak in the future. In late 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. In January of 2020, we theorized that the basic pathogenesis of COVID-19 was the result of a cytokine storm caused by increased transforming growth factor (TGF-b) activity. In May of 2021, our paper was published in Frontiers in Public Health, and the reviewers spoke highly of our disruptive innovation. The authors achieved remarkable results utilizing Chinese drugs that inhibit TGF-b activity in treating COVID-19 and related complications. So the authors declare here that we have found specific medicine for the precise pathophysiological treatment of Covid-19 and the findings are significant for the current treatment of Covid-19. Exploring the scientific essence of TCM through modern medical theory represents a significant breakthrough in medical development. By understanding TCM treatment principle, the scientific community will have the opportunity to learn, exchange, and apply TCM globally. It is unfortunate that current Chinese medical community has yet to comprehend the scientific connotation of this groundbreaking medical theory, limiting its application in clinical diagnosis and treatment. We hope to collaborate with forward-thinking scholars worldwide to undertake this vital research and Covid-19 practice.

Audience Take Away Notes: 

  • understanding the pathogenesis of TCM syndromes and action mechanisms underlying TCM treatment: to regulate cytokine storm
  • To understand and grasp the ability to distinguish the characteristics of cytokine storm based on the manifestations of diseases and/or patients to perform precise diagnosis and treatment for a patient.
  • understanding the pathogenesis, pathophysiological treatment, and specific medicine for Covid-19 infection.
  • grasping a new type of basic pathological processes due to the disequilibrium and dysfunctional status due to cytokine storm.
  • Understand the precise diagnosis and treatment ability that can be grasped only based on the clinical manifestations of patients.
  • Enable governments worldwide to develop scientifically optimized overall pandemic response strategies based on clinical manifestations in the outbreak of infectious disease epidemic now and in the future.


Dr. Shen graduated from Peking University with MS in 1989 and from Peking Union Medical College, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences with an MD in 1999. He is the president of the Shenzhen Anti-cancer Association, Shenzhen Chairman of the Tumor Prevention and Treatment Union, and Council Member of the Tumor Committee of the World Chinese Medicine Union. Over 100 papers have been published in national and international journals. His specialization focus on medical oncology and comparative research on TCM and Western medicine. He is the director of Hongkong Tianyou Medical Research Institute and Shenzhen Tianyou Medical Institute, and a professor at Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University.