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5th Edition of International Conference on

Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies

May 22-23, 2023 | Tokyo, Japan

Traditional Medicine 2023

Riehl Andre

Speaker at Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies 2023 - Riehl Andre
UEY, France
Title : Nidra Yoga, Brain & Consciousness


Nidrâ Yoga, an almost forgotten knowledge dating back to several centuries is a study of the human mind using 4 main types of exercise: Sithilikarana (3 levels of deep relaxation), Dharana (12 degrees of tension free concentration), Prana Kriya Sadhana (8 types of breathing) and Svadhyaya (using the rational thinking for exploration of the content of consciousness)When all these 4 practices are working together, the mind reaches a state of deep silence bringing a kind of resetting within the mind and the brain, re balancing the whole psycho physiological processes. Ultimately might appear a state of perception where there is more conflicts and division.The study “NIDRA & BRAIN” done through the University of Pisa/Italy will show practical examples of what can be realized by this century’s old practice.



Yogi Andre Riehl: graduated in Psychology and Socio Ethnology from the Aix –Marseille University (France - 1974 )From 1978,he then underwent a 21 years deep yoga study into  the Traditional lineages of Naths and Uddasin at Hardwar and Ujjain – India. From 1999, he started teaching across Europe, then into the whole world (27 countries on the 5 continents). As a senior trainer he developed a 5 years Teacher Training, acknowledged by the European Union of Yoga and the Indian Yoga Association. From 2015, he started a 7 years research project with the University of Pisa (Italy) on the effects of Nidra Yoga on the brain, the conclusions being published in 2021 by the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, n°31. He is today conducting seminars in Europe, China, South America, Australia and North Africa. Awarded as Yoga ambassador by the United Nations (New York), Advisor for the United Consciousness NGO under the banner of U.N