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6th Edition of International Conference on

Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies

June 20-22, 2024 | Paris, France

Traditional Medicine 2023

Elizabeta Popova Ramova

Speaker at Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies 2023 - Elizabeta Popova Ramova
MIT University Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
Title : Implementation of alternative medicine methods in conventional medicine, protocols and medicine based on sciences


Alternative healing methods are traditionally used around the world. In modern societies, up to 60% of patients use these methods, despite the existence of high standards for treatment in conventional medicine. The W?rld Health Organization believes that this interest in modern countries is due to several facts, namely: increased resistance to antibiotics, treatment of diseases that can improve the quality of life in progressively chronic diseases, as well as in the treatment of cancer patients, as an additional therapy when the outcome is unfavorable. Conventional medicine has nothing against it if these treatments are carried out as part of the medical team of certified therapists, with a previous overall assessment of the condition and indication for application. We have been studying alternative methods since 2007, and we have done several research studies, and we came to the following conclusion: the diagnosis should be made by experts from conventional medicine, the method should be performed by a certified health worker, the evaluation of the effect of the applied treatment should be evaluated with the same methods used in conventional medicine, quantitatively measuring its effect. Only with precisely pre-defined protocols, the effect of the method can be proven and it can later on evidence-based medicine enter a regular procedure in health care. In our country, there is a law on the right to apply alternative methods, but they are not accepted by the health insurance fund and patients pay for the services themselves. In modern countries it is the patient's right to choose, and it is performed by certified therapists.


E.P.Ramova is graduated doctor of ordinary practice in 1987, and specialization in PM&Reha in 1998, at the Medical faculty (MF) in Skopje. She received her master's degree at the MF Skopje in 2002 and doctorate at the FM in Nis, R.Serbia 2010. She has been engaged in educational activity since 2005. She worked as a professor at Uni. St.Clement Ohridski (2007-2018). She work like professor at MIT University, Skopje, now. She has published 210 studies, and 18 professional literature books. She was on a visiting study in Germany (1997,2000) and in Italy (2016). Memmber of ISPRM, Cochran Rehabilitation and in Editorial Board of 14 sciences journals abroad.