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6th Edition of International Conference on

Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies

June 20-22, 2024 | Paris, France

Traditional Medicine 2023

Agzamova A Manzura

Speaker at Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies 2023 - Agzamova A Manzura
S.Yu.Yunusov Academy of Sciences, Uzbekistan
Title : Evaluation of the cardioprotector potential of cyclosieversioside f isolated from Astragalus pterocephalus bunge plant


Diseases of the cardiovascular system still occupy the first place, both in terms of prevalence and risk to life. Most of these diseases (angina pectoris, ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, neurocirculatory dystonia) are accompanied by metabolic disorders, both in the myocardium and in the vessels. Therefore, for the treatment of patients with the aforementioned diseases, a new group of drugs is used - cardioprotectors (cytoprotectors), which have a normalizing effect on the disturbed metabolic processes in the body. In this regard, cycloartan glycosides with cardiotonic activity, hypotensive, diuretic, sedative, analgesic, lipid-lowering actions are very attractive. The sources of cycloartan glycosides in our region are only plants of the genus Astragalus. This genus in the flora of Uzbekistan is represented by 239 species. Considered glycosides do not have cumulative properties and high toxicity, having a large breadth of pharmacological action. Therefore, the creation of a metabolic type of cardioprotector on the basis of cycloartan glycosides is regular and highly relevant. Pharmacological studies of ?yclosiversioside F are provided. In the framework of the project dedicated to the creation of a new domestic cardioprotective drug based on cycloartan glycoside, cyclosiversioside F, isolated from Astragalus pterocephalus Bunge, a study was conducted of the specific activity of the drug. The effects of cyclosiversioside F on the functional activity, metabolic processes of the myocardium of intact animals and animals in heart pathology were studied. Special attention should be paid to the cardiotropic effect of cyclosiversioside F. In this connection, the functional-metabolic effects of the individual cycloartan glycoside, cyclosiversioside F, on the myocardium of experimental animals were studied in detail.As a result of the work done, the optimal therapeutic dose of the drug was selected by oral administration. It has been established that the therapeutic dose of glycoside for oral administration is 10 mg. The effect of cyclosiversioside F on the most important metabolic processes of the cardiac muscle (carbohydrate, lipid, energy) of intact animals was studied in comparison with the classical metabolic drug, riboxin. The effect of this glycoside on the activity of the antioxidant system, as well as on the peroxidation of myocardial lipids in healthy animals, was studied. The influence of cyclosiversioside F under conditions of pathological damage to the heart on the carbohydrate-energy metabolism of the myocardium was evaluated.


Agzamova A. Manzura received her Diplom in chemistry in 1983 in Tashkent State University, Uzbekistan, diplom (PhD) in chemistry on «Cycloartane genins and glycosides from five –źstragalus species», 1991 and Doctor of science diplom (DSc) in 2021 “Triterpenoides of Astragalus genus plants: structure, chemical modification and biological activity” from Institute of the Chemistry of Plant Substances (ICPS) named after S.Yu.Yunusov Academy of Sciences Republic of Uzbekistan. She  had a traimimg –°ertificate Graduated group training program on the “Utilisation of medicinal and aromatic plants in the  pharmautevtical and related industries”. Sponsorship UNIDO - Government of Turkey - TBAM Anadolu University, Turkey. Eskishehir. 2015-2017 -  the head of the chemistry glycosides laboratory ICPS. At present she received DSc. degree Diploma and work as a leader scientific at the ICPS named after S.Yu.Yunusov 2019 June - Certificate Ministry of Innovative Development Republic of Uzbekistan for Innovative project "Development of production technology and the creation of a cardioprotective drug Cyclosiversioside F". She has published 51 articles in Journal Chemistry of Natural Compounds. 102 scientific articles and thesis’s of reports. Her Index Hirsha - 9.