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6th Edition of International Conference on

Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies

June 20-22, 2024 | Paris, France

Traditional Medicine 2022

Edith Guba

Speaker at Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies 2022 - Edith Guba
Dao Yuan Schule für Qigong, Germany
Title : Traditional Qigong: Therapy and much more


Ge Hong, a 3rd century scholar close to Daoism wrote in his book "Baopuzi Neipian": Breath control [i.e., a special practice of qigong] enables the healing of all ailments and sojourns in epidemic-stricken areas; the warding off of snakes and tigers; the closure of wounds; the stopping of bleeding; apnea diving; walking on water; the avoidance of hunger and thirst; and life prolongation. (cf. p. 120 La Voie des Divins Immortels, Gallimard 1999, excerpts from the Baopuzi Neipian by Ge Hong). Ge Hong is talking here about possible results of certain forms of traditional qigong that go beyond the healthcare value of the simpler exercises in motion. But how to illustrate what he is talking about; how to communicate the possibilities of these exercises to people who do not know them? What is realistic, what is rather rarely realized? In this session which starts with the presentation of a painting from a Chinese Buddhist monastery on the subject of "sending out Qi", I will give you some basic information about traditional Qigong, its characteristics and requirements in terms of practice, teaching and scientific research. In this context, I will present some infrared recordings in which striking temperature changes repeatedly can be observed in both practitioners and recipients of emitted qi, and I will quote from testimonials of students of the Dao Yuan School. Participants will hear about important, yet little known facets of Qigong; this will enable them to better evaluate offerings in this discipline. Natural scientists can gain inspiration; medical professionals can better understand why Qigong can be an additional support for their patients; young people hear about a field of research that can change one's life in unexpected ways. Those who begin to practice Qigong themselves will notice positive changes in all areas of their lives; this can be useful in any profession: Perception and resilience improve in professional as well as in private life; information can be grasped more easily, problems can be brought to a solution; self-reflection and empathy can develop. - The basis is regular, sometimes somewhat strenuous, daily practice.


Edith Guba studied various subjects, but everywhere something seemed missing. After her time at university, she learned Shiatsu and Qigong from several teachers. Qigong in the West did not seem complete to her. She wanted to travel to China and look for a teacher there. - Just then (1996) a Chinese master visited her town. She attended a course with him and learned exercises that were different from those she knew. She translated almost all of Guo Bingsen's courses from French into German, founded the Dao Yuan School with him and was appointed his successor by him in 2014.