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Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies

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Traditional Medicine 2022

Krashenyuk Albert Ivanovich

Speaker at Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies 2022 - Krashenyuk Albert Ivanovich
Academy of Hirudotherapy, Russian Federation
Title : Covid 19 Is there any legitimate optimism in the treatment of post covid syndrome and complications from vaccination


We give a positive answer to this question. The diagnosis of  "Post-Covid syndrome" was formulated thanks to a collective brainstorming session of the Moscow Scientific Therapeutic Society named after Botkin S.P. (Botkin S.P. MNTO) during a significant number of observations and analysis of patients during 2020-2021. In the person of  its leader, professor A.P. Vorobyov, this diagnosis is as follows: "Post-Covid syndrome is a chronically occurring thrombovasculitis with a predominant lesion of the nervous system (Brain, autonomic and peripheral systems) and skin. The team of authors of the Botkin S.P. MNTO proposed the following strategy for the treatment of Post-Covid syndrome:

1. The use of direct anticoagulants
2. Plasmapheresis - at least 900 ml per 1 procedure, at least 5 procedures, frequency every other day, replacement of plasma with physiological saline to relieve intoxication. The use of direct anticoagulants has a number of significant contraindications and complications in the defeat of the central nervous system, can cause bleeding, nasal, throat and renal. Plasmapheresis is available only to well-equipped clinics and trained personnel. 

  Without denying the importance of the proposed  therapy, we offer an alternative way to solve the problem of reducing mortality from pneumonia and other complications caused by COVID-19.This alternative treatment is the use of the systemic method of  leeching (SML). The proposed solution is based on almost 30 years of experience in the use of SML in elderly people with multi-organ pathology and children treated at the Academy of  Hirudotherapy of St.- Petersburg.   Our experience in the treatment of  Post-Covid syndrome 2020-2021. Shows, that it is possible, moreover, with high efficiency. Based on the analysis of the mechanisms of pathogenesis of the COVID-19 virus, our article was published (Priority of April 21, 2021), in relation to the treatment of Post-Covid syndrome. Even earlier, an article was published on reducing mortality from complications of  Post-Covid syndrome, as well as in complications arising from vaccination against coronavirus, regardless of the type of vaccines used.

   As the author of the mentioned publications, I want to note a whole series of works published in 2020-2021 in the journals "Acta Scientific Medical Sciences" and the journal "Journal of Clinical Case Studies, Reviews & Reports". In these works, a number of new fundamental data have been published that make it possible to evaluate hirudotherapy as a pathogenetic method of treating complications of  Post-Covid syndrome and vaccinations against coronavirus, regardless of its strain characteristics. These are the discoveries of new effects of hirudotherapy: energy, neuritstimulating, wave (acoustic), detoxification, negentropic, aquastructuring , resonance-wave, and others.

   In addition, the SML allows you to strengthen the therapeutic effect from synthetic drugs recommended by the national health centers of the world in the treatment of Post-Covid syndrome.

Krashenyuk A.I. Covid-19: Prospects for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Post-Covid Syndrome by Ayurvedic Method – Hirudotherapy. 

Acta Scientific Medical Sciences 5.5 (2021):133-134.

Krashenyuk A.I.  Coronavirus COVID-19 – Theoretical and Practical Substantiations for Reducing Mortality from Complications. 

Acta Scientific Medical Sciences 4.6 (2020):115-123.


Krashenyuk A.I.  graduated from the 1st Pavlov Medical Institute in 1971 in Leningrad, and postgraduate studies in biochemistry at the same institute in 1974 from Professor V.I. Rosengart.In 1974 he received the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences. From 1974 to 1985 he worked as a senior researcher and head of the laboratory of biophysical methods  of  research at the Pasteur Institute in Leningrad. He was engaged in the development of vaccines against measles, mumps, influenza, tick-borne encephalitis. From 1985 to 1992 he headed the laboratory of live influenza vaccines and biophysical methods of  research . Created the world's first purified live influenza vaccine, which was vaccinated 4.5 million people without post-vaccination complications. In 1995 he received the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences from the Institute of Influenza of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAS). One of the creators of space biotechnology for the production of highly purified viral proteins in microgravity. In 1996 and to the present time the creator of the world's first department and Academy of Hirudotherapy. Honorary Scientist of Europe, Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany), Grand Doctor in Biology and Medicine (Oxford), Full Professor of Oxford.