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6th Edition of International Conference on

Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies

June 20-22, 2024 | Paris, France

Traditional Medicine 2024

Pankaj Gupta

Speaker at Traditional Medicine, Ethnomedicine and Natural Therapies 2024 - Pankaj Gupta
Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, India
Title : Investigation of safety and efficacy of cuprum metallicum potentised through two methods (New and old) In zebrafish and mouse models as a potential drug candidate for the management of convulsion


Introduction: In an alternative medicinal system, Cuprum metallicum (CM), is used for the management of convulsion-like conditions. However, scientific reports on the effect of CM on convulsions are not available. Therefore the present study was designed to evaluate the effect of CM against Pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) induced convulsions in zebrafish and mouse models.

Materials and methods: Zebrafish were pretreated with CM-6C, CM-30C, and Valproic acid (VPA) for 1 hr. Fish were exposed to PTZ to record the score of seizure from scores 1-5. Additionally, the locomotor pattern was also recorded. Mice were pretreated with CM-6C, CM-30C (40 µL/100g), and VPA (150 mg/Kg) for 10 days. On the last day, PTZ; 60 mg/kg was administered to mice and recorded the latency to first myoclonic jerk (FMJ), tonic-clonic seizures, the severity of seizure, and survival protection.

Results: CM-6C, 30C, and VPA significantly increased the latency which was consistently observed from score 1 to score 5 as compared to the PTZ group. Furthermore, CM-6C, and 30C normalized the locomotor activity decreased by PTZ exposure. Among the mice, CM-6C, 30C, and VPA significantly increased latency to FMJ, tonic-clonic seizures, survival protection, and decreased Racine scale score when compared to the PTZ group.

Conclusion: The results of the study indicate that CM-6C and 30C have potential activity against convulsions as they attenuated the PTZ-induced seizures in Zebrafish and mice. It could be presumed that CM-6C and 30C could be a potential approach for the management of convulsion which needed to explore a mechanistic approach.

Keywords: Epilepsy, Denio rerio, Homeopathy, Alternative medicine, convulsion